1. ZEVA Fuel Gauge Driver V2
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    ZEVA Fuel Gauge Driver V2

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    The ZEVA Fuel Gauge Driver V2 provides a simple and intuitive way to monitor the state of charge of your battery pack by displaying it on your vehicle’s original fuel gauge, plus instantaneous current on the vehicle’s tachometer.

    Version 2 offers several improvements over the original Fuel Gauge Driver, such as a much improved setup interface, automatic sleep and wake, simpler screw terminal connections, and a plastic enclosure for some weather protection.

    The device is slipped over either your +ve or -ve battery cable, connected to a permanent 12V supply, and its output goes to the fuel gauge in your OEM instrument cluster, replacing the wire that went to the fuel tank level sensor. Optionally, a fourth wire goes to the input of your vehicle's tachometer, and a fifth may be wired to a remote reset button.

    Calibration is achieved via two buttons and a bicolor LED:
    1) Adjust battery capacity in 10Ah steps (up to 200Ah)
    2) Calibrate position of the needle for 100% SoC at Full position
    3) Calibrate the needle for 0% SoC (Empty)
    4) Adjust the tach output to suit your tachometer

    Please refer to the user manual (right) for more information about the calibration process. The Fuel Gauge Driver is available with three current sensor options, for 600A or 1200A max. Lower current sensors offer higher resolution/accuracy at low currents so we recommend going for the smallest sensor which will cover your needs.

    Click Here for User Manual and Installation Guide


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