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    ZEVA Smart Precharger for High Voltage EV Motor Controllers

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    Motor controllers for electric vehicles typically have a large internal capacitor bank on their input with very low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance). As such they require inrush protection when first powering up to prevent a large current spike which can damage components – most commonly, welding contactors shut or blowing fuses.

    The ZEVA Smart Precharger is designed to offer a 2-stage soft start for motor controllers, limiting inrush current via a resistive circuit to charge up the internal capacitors before automatically closing the main contactor when the process is complete. It can also detect faults and safely discontinue precharge if it fails to start correctly (usually due to an external wiring fault or no battery voltage), or fails to complete within 5 seconds (usually due to unexpected loads after the main contactor).

    This is available in two voltage ranges: 12-160 Volts, and 160-320 Volts. Please select the version you would like with the drop down menu.

    Supply Voltage: 2 Modes: 8-18 VDC Volts
    Operating Voltage: 2 Ranges: (Low) 12-160 Volts, (High) 160-320 Volts
    Power consumption: 5mA when active, 0 mA when tripped
    Precharge Resistance: LV: 48 Ohm, HV 200 Ohm
    Typical Precharge Time: 1-2 Seconds
    Internal Coil Spike Protection: Yes
    Dimensions: 71 mm x 25 mm x 18 mm
    Origin: Made In Australia
    Warranty Period: 1 year

    Click Here for User Manual and Spec Sheet


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