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    Oil-Cooled Curtis 1238-7601 HPEVS AC-34 Brushless AC Motor Kit - 96 Volt Marine Motor

    Price:  $4,325.00

    This oil-cooled AC-34 is an AC motor that operates at 72-108V. It can draw up to 650A producing up to 65 HP and 106 ft-lbs of torque. This kit is primarily designed for use in marine applications where there is a constant supply of cool water to aid in the cooling system through the heat exchanger. It is fully sealed with a stainless steel frame and anodized aluminum junction box and endbells, making it suitable for use in both saltwater and freshwater environments.

    This motor can also be adapted to other applications and, like our air-cooled HPEVS kits, it still features regenerative braking as well as an idle function for road uses. This motor features higher continuous torque and power than the equivalent air-cooled model due to the additional cooling. A working cooling system consisting of oil, oil pump, and heat exchanger must always be running when motor is in operation.

    At 96 volts, it makes a safer low voltage system that will give you lots of reliable electric nautical miles.

    This kit includes:
    HPEVS AC34 Oil Cooled Motor
    Curtis 1238-7601 Controller
    35 Pin Connector and Wire Harness
    Gigavac GV200-QA Contactor
    12 Volt HV Relay
    Curtis 840 Dash Gauge
    SPST Menu Button
    SPST Mode Switch

    Motor Face: B-Face
    Motor Diameter: 8.980 Inches
    Motor Case Length: 12.078 Inches
    Motor Shaft to Shaft Length: 16.586 Inches (with optional accessory shaft)
    Motor Shaft to End Length: 14.328 Inches
    Motor Type: AC Induction Brushless
    Weight: 95 lbs (43.1 Kg)
    Max Voltage Input: 108V
    Terminal Stud Size: 5/16 Inch
    Integrated Sensors: Encoder and Temperature
    Rated Torque: 106 Lb Ft
    Rated Power: 65 HP
    Max RPM: 10,000
    RPM Sensor: Yes
    Drive End Shaft: 1 1/8 Inch With 1/4 Inch Keyway
    Accessory End Shaft: Optional 7/8 Inch With 3/16 Keyway
    Max Efficiency: 92%
    Thermal Cooling: Oil Cooled
    Max Temperature: 180 Degrees Celsius (356 Degrees Fahrenheit)
    Matching Controller Included In Price: Curtis Controller
    Warranty Period: 2 Years

    Note: Due to the excessive weight of motors additional freight charges apply.

    Click Here for Programming Instructions

    Click Here for Wiring Schematics

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