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    Gigavac Maintenance Switch BD9523 500V 1000A Continuous

    Price:  $152.00

    Manual locking disconnect for your traction battery pack, very positive engagements and has a rating of 32V (500V no load) at 1000 amps continuous when both poles are used in parallel (500 amps each pole). This switch can withstand current as high as 4000 amps for 1.5 minutes so this should work for just about any motor and controller combo we sell here at EV West. This switch is intended to be used as a periodic maintenance switch, and under theses conditions is rated for up to 500 Volts. Daily switching and emergency cut off should be performed by contactors, or switches with a higher break current rating.

    Switch Type: DPST
    Continuous rating: 2x500A
    Overload 1.5 minute rating: 4000A using both poles in parallel (2x2000A)
    Overload 10 sec rating: 5000A using both poles in parallel (2x2500A)
    Max carrying voltage: 500V
    Max switching voltage: 32V at 500A (1000V at 10A)
    Construction: Fiber composite housing

    Length: 120mm (4.72 Inch)
    Width: 84.8mm (3.34 Inch)
    Total Height: 115.2mm (4.54 Inch)

    Additional Features:
    Lockable both in off and on positions
    Lock-out / Tag-out meets OSHA requirements

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