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    Manzanita Micro Zilla 1K Series DC Motor Controller
    [Zilla 1K]

    Price:  $2,600.00

    Available Options:

    The Zilla motor controller package comes complete with a standard Hairball. All Zillas require a Hairball in order to run. You can select options for your Hairball above if desired. The Zilla package also includes a three foot Cat-5 cable with ferrite to connect the Zilla and Hairball, a serial cable and adapter for connecting a laptop computer to the Hairball, a contactor snubber diode, shorting plug, two high voltage stickers and a Zilla screwdriver. The computer that you will need for setting Hairball settings must have a RS-232 serial port with a 9 pin connection. In case your computer is not appropriate or you just want a portable way to adjust settings, we sell an appropriate Palm Pilot handheld terminal in the accessories section.

    Max Current 1000 Amps Continuous With Liquid Cooling
    Rated Power: 640 KW
    Input Voltage 72-348 Volts
    Length: 9.0 Inch
    Width: 7.0 Inch
    Height: 4.65 Inch
    Weight: 15.5 Lbs
    Max Output Voltage: Up To 375 Volts
    Switching Frequency: 15.7 KHz
    Thermal Derating: Yes, Derates After Temperature Gets Above 55 Degrees Celsius (131 Degrees Fahrenheit)
    Reverse Capability: Yes
    Adjustable Acceleration (Slew Rate): Yes
    Terminal Stud Size: 3/8-16 Inch
    RPM Sensor: Available
    Thermal Cooling: Yes 1/8inch-27 Female NPT
    Warranty Period: 1 Year

    The Hairball has a few hardware options that can be configured when it is first manufactured:

    · -P: The Hall Effect Pedal input option. This option enables the Hairball to use the HEPA throttle pedal which is sold separately in the Accessories section. The Hairball with the -P option installed must use a HEPA pedal for input, it can no longer be used with a normal pot box. Please see the HEPA pedal listing for important fitting information. This option is available on the base Hairball or in combination with the -A or -S.

    · -A: The -A option adds six contactor drivers for controlling motor contactors. This is normally used if you plan to use contactor sets (such as the SW202a which we sell in the Contactors section) to electrically reverse the motor(s). If you are planning on switching two motors in series parallel arrangement (this is used in dual motor race cars) then you also will want this option. The -A option adds functionality to the standard model and so enables for future expansion in case you are not sure of your final configuration. This can be combined with a -P option.

    . -AP: The -AP option combines the attributes of the -A and -P options, allowing the use of a Hall Effect Pedal and motor reversing capabilities.

    · -S: The Sparrow option was made for use in Sparrows but also has other applications. This option adds two contactor drivers to the standard model for forward/reverse switching of one motor. Unlike the -A option, the Sparrow option has been configured so that it can use reversing contactors that do not have built in microswitches for sensing contact position. This is good for vehicles like the Sparrow which are configured to use the Kilovac EV200 type contactors for reversing therefore it is better to use the -A option when possible. The -S option also has default settings that are reasonable for a Sparrow. Settings can be changed after setting the defaults. This can be combined with a -P option.

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