2003 Ford Ranger

This is our shop truck at EV West use for running parts and errands. Strong and reliable, this conversion is an absolute blast to drive. With a range of over 100 miles, and a 220 volt quick charger on board, keeping the truck ready for a long trip around the city is no problem at all. And the truck is much smoother to drive than the gas version, utilizing the new plate and pump system that we've developed here at EV West, this has an amazingly quiet belt-driven brake vacuum pump that works better at maintaining pressure than the original engine, giving a light positive brake feel. Also included in the pump and plate system is a belt driven power steering pump which can be easily user re-valved to match the right amount of steering feel. So smoother, faster, smog free burnouts is what our little shop truck is all about.

Battery Voltage: 251 Volts Nominal
Motor Voltage: 170 Volts, Controller Limited
Motor: NetGain Warp 9
Controller: Evnetics Soliton 1
Range: 120 Miles
Charge Time: Less than 8 Hours (J1772)
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
0-60 Time: 8 Seconds
Top Speed: >100 MPH
Traction Batteries: 76 Qty, 180Ah CALB LiFePO4 Cells
System Battery: 20Ah 12 Volt Shuriken AGM
Battery Monitoring: Manually with EV West Balancer
Charger: Elcon PFC5000
Charge Inlet: J1772 With 110 Volt Adapter
Throttle: Chennic Hall Effect Throttle Box
Traction Cables: 2/0 AWG Double Insulated
Amp Counter: Xantrex LinkPro
Instrumentation Driver: ZEVA Plus
Shunt: Deltec 1000 Amp
Contactors: Qty 2 Tyco EV200
Vacuum Pump: Belt Driven from Motor Pulley
Power Steering: KRC Pump from Motor Pulley
Heater: Fed from Power Steering Pump (It is SoCal!)
Air Conditioning: Ford AC Pump from Motor Pulley
Safety Disconnect: Dual Contactor and Cable Pull Breaker
RPM Sensor: EV West Billet Aluminum
Controller Cooling: Dual Fan Radiator, Water Coolant



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